Destiny Learning Center
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What Parents are Saying ...

Ready for Kindergarten!

"I value that the school is Christian based and that my children learn prayers and are in the bible. My children also love their teachers.  They have so many educational activities that capture their minds - and because of this my children are already ready for kindergarten!"
Christina Beers, mom to Aniah and Avery

They learn, not just play

"At Destiny Learning Center my children have the opportunity to learn,not just play.  They look forward to going to school  everyday.  I am most thankful for the trained staff and their patience with my son, who is autistic.  He is comfortable with the staff and other children, and they always make sure he is included in activities.
Alicia Robertson, mom to Makkayah and Masiah

Love this school

"My children love the school so much that my 3-yr old goes to sleep talking about her teachers! I'm so thankful knowing my children are in good hands when I am at work.  It's been great that they really help to prepare my kids for school, and even helped with potty training.
Angelica Diaz, mom to Hazel, Daniel, Jizzelle and Marabelle

Helped my special needs child

"I love that Destiny has the feel of a real family environment and that my children can't wait to go to school - which is easy to see because they run to the door.    My son Masiah is autistic and not only is he comfortable at Destiny, but he is also blossoming in his development by leaps and bounds.  It's wonderful that the staff treats my children like their own.  

Dewan Shockley, dad to Masiah