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Our Classrooms
Children are little miracles.  From day-one their brains are growing and they are learning and developing vital sensory, language, reasoning and social-emotional skills that provide a foundation for their entire lives.

At Destiny Learning Center we're experts on early childhood education and actively engage all of our children in fun, structured learning each day.  And we don't stop there.  Woven into all our programs are important lessons and values: honesty, thankfulness, value for oneself and others, praise and prayer.
  1. Pre-School
    At Destiny Learning Center your child receives the individual care and attention they need while continuing to develop the important social, emotional and academic skills that will help them succeed in 'big school.'
  2. Infants
    Infants are tiny, active learners. Our staff engages each child through music, sensory play and reading to stimulate vital brain growth to meet important development milestones.
  3. Toddlers
    Toddlers are on the go and exploring their independence. We offer a mixture of teacher directed and independent activities that begin to bring science, math and language alive each day.
  4. After School
    After School
    Know your child is in a safe, secure environment after school where they will find homework help, healthy snacks, fun and friendship.
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Parent Testimonials
Choosing a place for your most precious treasures is no easy task. You
want the best your your children, and at Destiny Learning Center we do
too.  When making your decision, you'll want to read what other parents are saying about the loving, family environment and quality of education at Destiny Learning Center.
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